Lirik Emmandchis - Menggambarkan Kebahagiaan Lyrics

Jumat, 16 Oktober 2015

dan bila esok hari kan ku gapai
saat senja telah silam
melambaikan senyuman

dalam dekapan cinta
merasakan kehadiran ooh
menggambarkan kebahagiaan

dan jika air mataku telah usai
mentari mulai tersenyum
di tengah cerahnya pagi (cerahnya pagi)

yeee dan ku tinggalkan semua
melepas lara di hati (hooo ooo ooo)
yeee menggambarkan kebahagiaan hatiku

long night of lucid dreaming
endless night of wishful thinking
wish i'm not the only one in pain
i just want it to end oh am i insane

breathing in my tears, i won't let it dry
seeking in my scars, i won't let it heal
i know i gotta let it go, i've always known better
and i got to change today so i won't regret it later

now the sun is up and the sky is new
gotta keep my head's up, it's time to face the truth
know that happiness is a made of condition or emotion
but inside ... separate ... for consolation

throw out my own scars, not comparing it with others
i pursue my own happiness and chase up my fears
.... into dancing, i start to be jealous

menggambarkan kebahagiaan huuu
menggambarkan kebahagiaan hatiku

menggambarkan kebahagiaan
menggambarkan kebahagiaan yeee

dan bila kesempatan telah tiba
membuka langkah bersama hoo ooo
dengan cerianya hati (ceria hati)
dalam dekapan cinta merasakan kehadiran (oooh)
menggambarkan kebahagiaan (dududududu dududu)
menggambarkan kebahagiaan, menggambarkan kebahagiaan (hatiku)

life can be hard, but at same time it could be beautiful
we can draw happiness in many ways
how we overcome fear, how we become strong in difficult times
joy doesn't always come from the good times
it can come from the bad times
but joy come to those who seeks for it truly
so keep looking at the good side of life
and grow flowers in the deepest part of you

menggambarkan kebahagiaan ooh hatiku

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